About MISK nursery

MISK nursery is a contemporary interiors brand founded by Dr. Dala Kakos that combines “modern design with a heritage heart” to create high-quality, eco-friendly, beautiful furniture for the little ones in our lives. Derived from the Arabic, MISK has two origins: musk, an ancient gift of kings, and its literal meaning “to hold,” each inspiring timeless beauty and comfort in their products.
MISK nursery offers unique, handmade cribs with exquisite mother-of-pearl detailing and elegant calligraphy in each piece. Each piece is a growing crib, which means that the crib adapts and conforms to the child’s needs as he or she grows – converting in 4 ways, lastly as a day bed that can be a permanent furniture piece.
Each crib is handcrafted by an exemplary team of 2rd-generation master woodworkers who combine heritage skills with modern tools. The cribs are then adorned with timeless designs or words, using print and signature calligraphy font, created especially for the brand by a master calligrapher. The crib is then decorated with mother of pearl inlay. The end result is a strong, safe, beautiful crib with modern lines and details.
The cribs meet US safety standards, with plenty of room as well as being eco-friendly with it’s chemical-free, sustainable materials. The Embrace cribs grow with your child and stays with them forever – converting 4 times as a crib to a toddler bed, then a 5th time as a beautiful small sofa to use anywhere in your home. Assembly is easy and efficient, and we offer white-glove service to most of the world. Delivery is included, and we believe a relationship with our clients, we will remember you and your baby always and stay in touch through surprise gestures and gifts.
Every detail is considered and offered to ensure efficient service, such as the organic and handmade Naturalmat mattress custom-shaped for the line’s embroidery. The brand ethos is deeply embedded in high quality, family, heritage, modernity, love and art – all evident in the meticulous attention to detail in each of our pieces. We are proud of our cribs and complimentary pieces and know you will be as well.