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3-in-1  Harbor  Changing Table
Regular price $1,526.00
A changing table that provides safe harbor for baby while you sooth, change, massage, play and bond. There is ample room for baby to grow, and you to tend to them without bending. The table converts to become a desk, entryway console, or a set of shelves. There is a Harbor rim on the top, providing a safe border around baby. Multiple drawers, festooned with rare agate, stow away essentials. Com...
Image of Legacy Handwoven Palm Leaf Organic Bassinet
Legacy Handwoven Palm Leaf Organic Bassinet
Regular price $674.00
The Legacy Bassinet is the first baby bassinet basket made purely by hand, by Emirati (UAE) crafts women in honor of their desert country. This stunning piece, the first of its kind made in the UAE and following international safety standards, was created in collaboration with Al Ghadeer Handicrafts. Organic Palm leaf is used, with the option to add a silver or gold thread custom name sewn onto...
The Oasis Changing Tray For Babies
Regular price $490.00
The Oasis changer offers a space-saving solution to changing baby safely and securely, using your MISK nursery crib as its platform. A smooth natural wood finish offers boundless options to mix and match with any nursery. Handmade with care.
Dune changing table in acrylic
Dune changing table in acrylic
Regular price $7,450.00
The Dune changing table features wide space, stability and storage shelving to satisfy any design-savvy parent with both their needs for baby and for home design. Handmade with natural curves to create an organic, modern and safe environment. Two shelves and the ability to remove or adjust levels allows parents to have the Dune table as a forever piece in their home - once baby grows, it can be...