About MISK nursery

Modern design with a heritage heart

Luxury baby and child furniture brand MISK Nursery is the home of handmade, sustainable and unique wood and acrylic cribs and accessories with mother of pearl inlay. It is the first company in the world to offer modern, curved edges with heritage-inspired mother of pearl and acrylic embellishments.

We customize each crib for you through choices of wood, chemical-free colors, and even baby's name and unique messages scrolled onto the crib itself. The cribs feature timeless symbols such as whimsical hot air balloons, soaring ships, cuddly polar bears, lucky flying fish, and dreamy unicorns. This romantic mix of modern luxury and deep-rooted heritage personifies ‘MISK’ – meaning ‘musk’ in Arabic, considered to be an ancient gift of kings, and also means ‘to hold.'

Each crib is handcrafted by third-generation Armenian woodworkers and Syrian mother of pearl artisans. Using chemical-free natural hardwood, quality mother of pearl and generations-old artistry, each piece is carefully created to ensure the finest finish for baby. Safety testing is conducted in Italy according to US standards. The crib converts 5 times to last forever: from birth to adulthood, ending as a romantic two-seat sofa that makes a statement in any home. MISK nursery was born to support art and people as a conscious brand while offering a stylish, different solution to baby nursery décor for today’s parents.

Assembly is easy and efficient, and we offer white-glove service to most of the world. Delivery is included, and we believe a relationship with our clients, we will remember you and your baby always and stay in touch through surprise gestures and gifts. Every detail is considered and offered to ensure efficient service, such as the organic and handmade custom-shaped mattresses.